Marci Chapman

Marci has a track record of successfully building consumer businesses and brands.  She has a BS in Economics from the Wharton School and a Masters of Management from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. After school, she worked for Helene Curtis (now owned by Unilever) and spent a decade at FTD and FTD.com in product management, marketing, and division management roles.  Currently, she works as CIO for Zorch, a promotional goods eCommerce company in Chicago. She founded MC2 to help businesses maximize their marketing dollars using cost saving strategies and tactics and to help E-commerce companies make their main and mobile websites usable and consumer friendly.   Contact her at infomc2 on yahoo.


About this Blog

I have been a fan of blogging for some time and read a few of them every day.  But up until now, I had refrained from starting my own blog.  What did I have to say that was unique?  What could I offer that others have not offered before?

Once I was able to answer those questions, I felt it was time to add my voice to the chorus.

So here it is:

1. Information overload is just getting worse.  I read a ton of articles in the areas of marketing, social media and customer service.  I thought I could shorten the work for my friends and followers by helping to raise those topics and give the best highlights of what I read.

2. I felt that in everything I am reading, so much of the focus is from the marketer’s or business person’s perspective.  My focus, as best I can, will be to remind us to look at what we are doing from the consumer’s perspective.  How are we helping (or not helping) the consumer?  What benefit is being offered?  What could be done better?

I think stories are best told and lessons best learned through examples.  So I will be searching for examples of companies doing things right and wrong.  This isn’t a place for us to bash companies or vent frustration as much as it is a place to learn from mistakes.  I will draw upon the examples I find, my own experiences and hopefully the experiences of my readers.

I will ask that we are respectful of each others’ opinions, to the companies and people we discuss, and to the truth.

To learn more about me, please visit my LinkedIn profile.


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