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The Power of Branded Apparel

December 25, 2015

Thanks to Microsoft for a great holiday ad and a perfect demonstration of the power of branded merchandise.

I saw this ad before a movie at AMC.  It shows Microsoft people, dressed in Microsoft branded hats, t-shirts and scarves singing to Apple employees.

Some of you who read my blog know that I have been working in the promotional goods industry for just under 5 years now.  I am CIO for a mid sized company that works with Fortune 1000 clients to help them buy their branded merchandise (my team creates the websites / estores they use to shop for the products and merchandises the products on the stores).

I enjoy my job, but I rarely have contact with the marketing teams or those who make the choices about what branded merchandise to purchase.  So I can become disengaged with the meaning and impact of what we do for our clients.  This commercial was a great reminder of the power of branded merchandise.

Imagine this commercial without the branded hats, t-shirts and scarves.  How would you know who they were and what brands were represented?   They walk through the streets of New York to get to the Apple store. How could you have picked them out in the crowd if they didn’t have the hats on?  And if the Apple team members didn’t have the Apple logo on their shirts, you would have entirely missed the message of peace on earth between these 2 big competitors.

Nice work Microsoft.  Thanks for the demonstration and reminder that logos and branded merchandise can speak louder than words.