Truth is the new black.  Truth is the newest buzzword.  It appears to be something that people have recently discovered (as though they just did some search on google or bing and magically the truth appeared in a search result).  There is a lot of noise about searching for and finding the real truth.

I am sure you have heard that old adage – there are 3 versions of the truth.  Your version, the version of the other person (or people) involved, and the actual truth.

These days, it gets even more complicated.  For every event or issue, there are now so many more voices and opinions, I think the internet has gotten us further away from the actual truth than we have ever been before (and let’s not get started on the whole lack of reality in reality TV – that has really screwed up our concept of truth).    The truth seems to be the version that gets repeated most often, not necessarily the version that is the most accurate or correct.   Or in the case of Yahoo answers, the one that gets the most votes from other people .  Or the most “likes” on Facebok.  So now, instead of having a real truth, we just have the most popular truth.  What kind of truth is that?  And who are all these people who vote on which is the best truth?

The next time you read something where the writer professes to be saying the “truth,” I ask you to consider that what you are reading may not be the entire or most accurate version of the truth.  Even when  a writer is supposedly a journalist writing for a reputable newspaper, you may be getting just one side or version of the truth.

So when you are reading some “facts” on the internet, especially ones that don’t seem quite right to you; stop a moment and think.  Search in your head and your heart and I bet you will find that you already know the truth.

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