Useful Mobile Facts

One of the things I promised to do with this blog was review other articles and bring you the bottom line conclusions or big ideas I found.

I read a long and very thorough blog by Tomi T. Ahone called “Everything you ever wanted to know about mobile, but were afraid to ask.”  He presented some great mobile facts that I thought you would be interested in knowing:

• At the start of 2010, 4.6 Billion mobile phone subscriptions on the planet, for a population of 6.8 Billion people.

• 49% of all banking accounts in Kenya are mobile phone banking accounts.

• More than half of the South Korean population already use credit cards or mobile payments on their phones.

• For the majority of mobile phone owners, their primary use of the phone is no longer voice calls, it is SMS text messaging. Lightspeed Research reported that in 2009 already 13% of global mobile phone owners have stopped placing any outbound calls on their phones (in India its already at 30%).

• We glance at our phone at least 100 times daily –  that is 10 times more interaction and attention from us, than any other technology or media.

Ahone also presented a compelling list of the 8 unique benefits of mobile:

1st – mobile is the only personal mass medium

2nd – mobile is permanently carried

3rd – mobile is always connected

4th – only mobile has a built-in payment channel

5th – mobile is available at the creative point of inspiration

6th – mobile has the best audience information

7th – only mobile captures the social context of consumption

8th – mobile enables Augmented Reality to mass markets

My favorite fun fact from the articles was this:  farmers in Iceland and Canada connect with their cows with an old Nokia phone hanging where the cowbell used to hang, and when the farmer wants to milk the cows, he sends an SMS text message to the lead cow, who hears the beep-beep, and knows its time to come home to be milked. I am not kidding. Farmers call the cows.

Ahone also predicts that MMS will be the next big thing.  MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging System.  Multimedia includes text, sounds, pictures and video.  You could send short clips of stories via MMS. Or a series of pictures (like a cartoon) via MMS. And sounds and longer text based messages than in SMS.

Do you agree?  Let me know what you think the next big thing is.

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