Talking Heads

Ok, this post is a little off topic, but something that is really bothering me.  And I am curious if this bothers anyone else or if I am alone in this.

More and more, I am seeing TV advertising where the food is animated.  It is bad enough that the food is talking to us, but to make matters worse, they are talking to us about eating them.  Shredded Wheat has animated squares that interact with the children who are going to eat them.  M&M’s candy characters now realize they are going to be eaten and try to get away (M&M’s checkout ad).  Chips Ahoy has cookies being grabbed from their everyday activities to be eaten.

The ads that really bother me are the ones with the chickens and the cows.  For Chick-Fil-A, the cows encourage you to eat more chicken, inferring you should eat less meat.  Denny’s ran an ad with chickens screaming in fear over a grand slam breakfast deal that included eggs (Denny’s Grand Slam Ad).  McDonalds has their annual lent commercial featuring a singing wall fish asking the eater to give the fish back (this is last year’s version – I could not find the current iteration – McDonald’s Ad).

I am not a vegetarian or a PETA person, so please, let’s not go down that path (there are many pluses and minuses to that organization, but that is not the point of this discussion).  But I really find it disturbing that advertisers think it acceptable to animate our food this way.  The message, when taken literally and even not so literally, feels strange and almost cannibalistic.  Seriously, if cows could talk to us, do you think we would eat them?  I would think not.

So at the risk of inviting comments that will make fun of my views; I cautiously ask, am I alone in this?

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One Comment on “Talking Heads”

  1. Nina Says:

    Thats a funny posting Marci…but your’e messing with my diner….One of the best ones out there is the 2 pigs eating at a resteraunt talking about eating bacon,hopefully it wasn’t a friend…

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