Everywhere you go, people are discussing privacy and our own rights to our personal information and online activities.  Facebook and Google continue to push the boundaries on what they think is your private information.   Questions come up about when you are using something for free, should you have a right to keep your information private?  There are a lot of opinions on both sides of the issue.

I am a big fan of privacy rights.  Are you surprised to hear that from a Marketer?  Marketers, by nature, want as much information on consumers as possible, so we can figure out how to sell you as much as we can.  I just think that it should be the consumer’s right to decide when and where that information goes.

There is a case against Facebook on this issue in the courts today (“Privacy at Issue in Facebook Suit”).  While I think most suits like this are done to make the lawyers and the plaintiffs famous and rich, I do think that Facebook does make it hard to understand what they are releasing about you to the public.  If companies have to be truthful and clear in advertising, Facebook should have to be clear in what they are doing with your information.

And while this seems like a big tangent (celebrity news will not be something I think I need to cover in this blog), I have to say that my favorite part today of Tiger Woods’ press conference was when he said (and I am paraphrasing here)  that while the news media wants all the juicy tidbits on his actions and his relationship with his wife, they are not going to get those details.  It is his and Elin’s business and that is it.

Even celebrities have a right to some privacy.  We don’t need to know every detail of his actions.  Just like the rest of the world (and all those nosy businesses that want a detailed list of your likes and activities) does not need to know what you and I do unless we want to tell them.

I know there are a lot of opinions on this issue and many will disagree with me.  I invite you to join a respectful discussion on this topic.

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2 Comments on “Privacy”

  1. lovestats Says:

    Completely agree. I come at privacy from the social media market research point of view. For researchers, privacy is one of the cornerstones of business. We follow certain rules in order to be members of research organizations.

    Social media is at heart a public endeavor and as over-zealous users of it, we forget that most people fully believe that what they contribute is private. Many researchers feel that the traditional rules of research privacy don’t apply to social media research. I whole heartedly disagree.

    Privacy is not a privilege. It’s a right.

  2. A major shift in our society occurred the past few years. We have gone from fearing the security of the internet to anything/everything goes, your nobody unless everything about you is transparent. There is little to no digital hygiene that is of any concern with many of the nets younger users. This is all they have known, so it must be safe, secure, and no problem. I don’t know where this all nets out for privacy and society. Caution is necessary, storage is unlimited and cheap and everything is connected.

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